Professional Security Service Levels:

Kaplan & Sconzo Global Risk Management Group Inc. (“KSGRMG”) is a global risk management company specializing in private investigation, executive protection, risk assessment and cyber security.

KSGRMG was founded by Stuart N. Kaplan, and Joseph G. Sconzo, both former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The management team of KSGRMG includes Nick Skokos, former Director of Executive Protection to Celine Dion and her Family.

We serve a diverse range of high profile individuals, organizations, and publicly traded companies in a cross section of industries and work to reduce our client’s risk in today’s increasingly dangerous and complicated world. The unique background and experience of our founding members allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective on risk/threat assessment and private investigation. In today’s world where terrorism is a common occurrence that must be taken into account personally and organizationally, KSGRMG consultants offer the client much needed assurance to travel, work and live comfortably knowing that their family, business and property are protected from the unexpected.

Safe and Secure Home and Abroad

Terrorism, has caused around 130,000 fatalities worldwide between 2006 and 2016

Know where the real dangers lie.

Proper measured threat assessment and preparation is the key to safe and secure travel.

Don’t focus so much on unlikely risks that you ignore common risks that are far more likely to hurt you.

Risk awareness training can prepare you for the most common threats.

Lessen those risks you do have some control over.

Minimizing controllable risk and threat will deter the majority of exposure to harm.