Due Diligence

Independent Investigations

Kaplan & Sconzo Global Risk Management Group Inc. (KSGRMG) employs a team of professionals experienced in conducting multi-faceted investigations.
As former FBI Special Agents and Security Specialists the professionals at KSGRMG combine their experience and expertise to provide professional advice and service. During their careers, KSGRMG leadership has led major investigations in areas such as foreclosure mills, covert surveillance, health care fraud, public corruption, the savings and loan crisis, telemarketing fraud. KSGRMG provides independent and judicious solutions to businesses, financial institutions, law firms and non-profit organizations confronted with the need to examine and mitigate internal fraud, violation of laws or company policies. KSGRMG has been called upon by publicly traded companies, educational institutions, health care facilities, and religious organizations to gather evidence in major litigation matters, employee misconduct, and commercial disputes, and has the expertise to locate concealed assets.

Every investigation is based upon the client's needs relative to a specific risk which often supplements the client's internal efforts. The KSGRMG approach consists of conducting on-site interviews by small teams of skilled investigators or providing strategic advice on internal investigations conducted by the client. These efforts are often supplemented by document reviews, database searches by our team of cyber experts, and other processes to assess a situation and provide information needed to react and respond. KSGRMG personnel are also able to provide training in a variety of areas for internal investigative personnel.
Independent Investigations and Examinations
KSGRMG’s experienced investigators handle a wide range of complex and sensitive investigations both domestically and internationally. We expeditiously and discreetly provide services related to criminal investigations concerning acts such as embezzlement, fraud, cyber-crime, money laundering, extortion and other potential misconduct which has occurred within an organization. Each engagement is led by a senior KSGRMG team member and can include forensic reviews and asset recovery services.
Corruption, Fraud and Regulatory-Related Investigations
KSGRMG combines investigative skill with specialized knowledge of the United States and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) anti-corruption laws. Our global experts have a keen understanding of international markets and cultures allowing us to assist in the most challenging situations. KSGRMG's trained professionals work closely with client's corporate security departments and legal counsel to review operations and identify weaknesses where fraud and theft can occur. The professional investigators at KSGRMG can help detect losses within your organization resulting from acts such as payroll, supply chain and procurement fraud or assist your company in becoming more proactive and prevent fraud from occurring. KSGRMG provides detailed analysis of the fraudulent activity and can offer expert testimony as needed.
Organizational Due Diligence
Protecting your organization's reputation and financial security when embarking on a new business venture or continuing to thrive in an ever-changing business environment is crucial. KSGRMG can assist clients in proactively protecting their most valuable assets. Our team can discreetly conduct investigations of relevant parties such as employees, borrowers, lenders, customers, and investors. KSGRMG can provide guidelines and a screening program for dealings with other business entities and potential business partners to comply with Federal, State, and International laws. The partners have been called upon to investigate widespread fraudulent activity related to foreclosures and Medicare billing practices. Records and public information are often difficult to obtain and often can only be secured through due diligence investigations and human intelligence sources. Our global network of contacts in business, the entertainment industry, government, and law enforcement provide our team with the ability to access the critical information clients need to make accurate, informed decisions.