Private Personal

Executive Protection

Kaplan & Sconzo Global Risk Management Inc. (KSGRMG) is committed to understanding each of our client’s needs and effectively implementing the appropriate security measures.
Our experts identify the risks associated with individuals, their organizations and travel. After closely examining the situation, our professionals can advise clients of these risks and make recommendations to safeguard the client’s important corporate assets. Most importantly, KSGRMG allows the client to be able to continue with its day-to-day functions assured that KSGRMG will protect the client’s safety, privacy, and peace of mind.

KSGRMG believes that professional protection services should be as effective and unobtrusive as possible. The KSGRMG philosophy is that the quality and professionalism of its personnel is far more important than the size of the security team.

KSGRMG’s experienced staff is committed to providing the highest level of professional and confidential service to assure individuals and corporations are protected from any intentional/unintentional threats or embarrassing situations. KSGRMG focuses on ensuring the client’s safety and minimizing exposure to risks and embarrassment. By acting proactively, KSGRMG can reduce potential liability and enhance the reputation and stability of our client in a cost efficient manner.
Personal Protection Specialists
KSGRMG personnel have the experience to make your operational and travel policies and procedures more productive and less stressful. Our professional team provides extensive pre-travel planning and coverage. We are able to effectively communicate and interact on all levels within the corporate, diplomatic, entertainment, and law enforcement communities.

Our protection specialists have participated in training in specialized security measures, emergency vehicle operations, and crisis management planning. KSGRMG possesses extensive domestic and international travel experience and has the requisite executive security, law enforcement, and government security backgrounds.

Our team of proven professionals is available for travel and maintains the ability to utilize local personnel upon arrival at the desired location. This allows the client to enjoy a much needed comfort level of having familiar faces around. The importance of utilizing local personnel can not be overlooked. Their familiarity with the environment slows then to more readily recognize anything out of the ordinary. Additionally, they have local contacts and resources, and potentially local weapons permits should armed security be needed. By employing local personnel to assist, lodging and travel costs can be significantly reduced.

KSGRMG proscribes to the philosophy that high profile and highly visible security teams create unwarranted attention and heightened risk to private individuals and corporate executives. KSGRMG does not want to create the impression of an oppressive show of force which often results in negative perceptions by colleagues, stockholders, friends, family members, the public, and even the press.

KSGRMG utilizes innovative methods to provide discreet service.

The KSGRMG team operates with complete discretion and professionalism which allows for efficient and effective representation of our clients. Based upon the experience and expertise of the KSGRMG team of professionals, the company provides unmatched executive protection to our clients.

Protective surveillance is focused primarily upon preventing individuals from entering the client’s “personal space.” Executive Protection is focused on hostile surveillance detection. It is well-established that prior to any organized criminal or terrorist attack, the attackers conduct hostile surveillance. The key is not to try to stop an attack while in progress, but to identify hostile surveillance and intervene prior to an incident is paramount. Protective surveillance is absolutely appropriate and highly recommended in high-threat areas.
Advance Survey
KSGRMG recommends an advance risk survey be conducted during the planning phase of any travel and prior to the arrival of any client to identify areas of concern. By conducting proper surveys, risks can be identified and mitigated and time management strategies can be implemented. Our Executive Protection experts are trained to identify the safest and most time-efficient route to and from any venues to be visited. Establishing and identifying the nearest medical facilities, law enforcement agencies and a safe zone is of the utmost importance. It is imperative to visually inspect all venues where personnel will be visiting. Safe and timely access to the facility, an uneventful and comfortable time at the venue, and a safe and timely departure are the key elements to the services which KSGRMG provides to its clients.
Secure Ground Transportation
Establishing and providing secure ground transportation is a critical part of a secure travel program. KSGRMG Executive Protection specialists are properly trained to discreetly transport their passengers to all venues in a safe and timely manner, and have the ability to instantaneously react to any hostile threats utilizing driving skills obtained through emergency vehicle operations courses.