Protect Your Property

Residential /Estate Security Management

A home security assessment is essential to identifying weaknesses and minimizing risk in your physical and technological security that might provide an easy opportunity for a crime or intrusion to occur.

At KSGRMG we focus on customizing your residential security needs that are intended to assist you in identifying possible weaknesses in and around your home. These recommendations are intended to create security layers that, if implemented, can serve to reduce criminal opportunity, such as home invasion- child/adult abduction and burglary.

KSGRMG evaluates existing security policies and standard operating procedures to ensure they are sufficient to be effective and currently operational, and when required KSGRMG implements state of the art security measures. KSGRMG ensures that the appropriate safeguards are in place, and addresses vulnerabilities and potential threats.

In its operational planning, KSGRMG addresses threats posed by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados which could leave residents stranded without basic supplies and services. In such environments, a good security plan will provide for self-sufficiency in case of disruptions to infrastructure and transportation. KSGRMG assures that in planning for potential natural disasters an evacuation procedure is carefully considered and in place should the need arise.

KSGRMG executive protection and security specialists are well versed in the vetting process for residential staff and personnel. Such measures always include the screening of service contractors and third party vendors entering the property.