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Joseph G. Sconzo was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in May, 1985, after graduating the Sheppard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University. Mr. Sconzo attended the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia from August 26, 1985 to December 12, 1985, and was assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Office in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Sconzo was a member of the Swat Team, and served as a primary Sniper during his tour of that office. During his tenure in the Phoenix Division Mr. Sconzo was responsible for investigations involving extortions, kidnappings and conducting protection details for the US Attorney General and other dignitaries. In May, 1988, Mr. Sconzo transferred to the FBI’s largest and most prestigious office, the New York Division. There he was assigned to Special Operations Division, and had direct involvement in virtually every major investigation that office conducted. Mr. Sconzo led teams of agents investigating the Centennial Bombing, the Unibomber, TWA Flight 800, the first World Trade Center bombing, and all of the Organized Crime Families in New York and New Jersey. He supervised investigations involving espionage, extortions, kidnappings, narcotics distribution, terrorism, and complex white collar crimes. Surveillance teams under his direction were called upon to conduct surveys, do recognizance missions for impending operations, do risk assessments, and provide covert coverage and protection for confidential sources, undercover agents, and US and foreign dignitaries. In 1998, Mr. Sconzo was recognized with the Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award by both the United States Attorneys Office for the Southern District of New York and the State of New Jersey.

In June, 2001, Mr. Sconzo transferred to the Miami Division, Palm Beach County Resident Agency of the FBI. After being directly involved in both “9/11” and the Anthrax investigations, he was assigned to work White Collar crime. He quickly adapted to the detailed investigative procedures required and was recognized for successful prosecutions in complex health care and investment fraud matters where the pattern of activity was identified, the money trail was followed, and significant amounts of money were recovered and returned to victims of the fraud as a direct result of his forensic auditing abilities. As a result of his extensive surveillance background, Mr. Sconzo was called upon to conduct covert surveillance operations, risk assessments, and provide mobile security for the United States Attorney General during his engagements in Palm Beach, Florida. In 2006, Mr. Sconzo turned his attention to Political Corruption in Palm Beach County. He directed and coordinated multi-faceted investigations into five elected officials, along with three prominent individuals in Palm Beach County, all resulting in federal prosecutions. Utilizing a well-established network of confidential sources and contacts, Mr. Sconzo was able to uncover what lies beneath state and local governance. He participated in drafting all of the Complaints, Informations, Indictments, and Search Warrant Affidavits associated with those prosecutions, testified before the Federal Grand Jury on countless occasions, and became well-versed in the procedural filings and requirements involved in the criminal law process. Mr. Sconzo received the Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award from the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida on three Public Corruption investigations in 2008. He interacted and developed long standing relationships with all federal and state law enforcement agencies located in Palm Beach County, the United States Attorneys’ Office for the Southern District of Florida, the State Attorney and investigators for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in Florida, the State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation, the Palm Beach County Sheriff and his chain of command, Police Chiefs and officers from numerous departments throughout the United States, and supervisory personnel at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Alcohol and Tobacco.

In September, 2010, Mr. Sconzo retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after 25 years of dedicated service. Since that time Mr. Sconzo has been a partner in the Law Offices of Kaplan Sconzo & Parker and he has further expanded his network of contacts to include supervisory personnel from Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Intelligence Division, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the United States Treasury Department. With extensive contacts throughout the United States and abroad, Mr. Sconzo maintains the ability to obtain immediate responses to often complex and confidential client requests. He continues to be called upon by prominent law firms, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as national and international corporations for consultation and to conduct multi-faceted internal investigations, in depth employee interviews, and forensic document review in matters related to compliance with state and federal laws, domestic and international threat assessment, internal security breaches, and theft of proprietary information.

Florida License:
C 1600427
A 1600230

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