Safety & Security

Risk / Threat Assessment

KSGRMG provides its clients with leadership and expertise regarding safety and security matters.
Our team has advised public and private companies, organizations and government entities on the development and implementation of effective compliance, safety and security programs. From an audit of existing security measures within a company to the planning of an international sporting event, we can assist in efforts to protect your employees and your organization’s assets.

KSGRMG works closely with our clients to develop an individualized and comprehensive plan that includes information exchanges with local, national and international law enforcement and intelligence organizations to understand the risks of a particular situation. By utilizing this approach the client is better suited to make well-informed decisions about all aspects of their business and personal needs.

KSGRMG team members have extensive experience managing safety and security assignments in challenging and hostile environments around the world. KSGRMG has extensive contacts on the ground in high-risk countries. KSGRMG team members have provided security services throughout Europe and the United States. KSGRMG professionals have extensive training in counter-terrorism operations, organized crime methodology, white collar crime prevention and investigations. Should the need arise, KSGRMG has the ability to interact with, and engage, hostage negotiators with specialized backgrounds that include the FBI, international law enforcement, intelligence agencies and military organizations.
Independent audits, reviews and inspections
We conduct comprehensive and independent assessments of existing compliance programs, security policies, operations, physical facilities, infrastructure, technology, executive protection and training to determine the effectiveness and identify potential deficiencies. This assessment identifies problems so KSGRMG can provide tactical and strategic recommendations, enabling the client to be proactive in protecting its assets and personnel against threats.
International project security planning and consulting
KSGRMG team members maintain contact with colleagues from various law enforcement, military and intelligence communities around the globe. Utilizing this essential network, KSGRMG can help clients institute effective safety and security methods. KSGRMG professionals utilize intelligence gathering, local risk assessment, liaison with government agencies and Federal, State, and International police forces to offer site security plans and train internal security teams on proper methods and procedures.
Major events planning, including sporting and other high-profile events
KSGRMG and its team members have provided security planning and management for high-profile events. A team of experts can be deployed in advance to assess safety and security issues ranging from petty crime to terrorism threats in a variety of venues. We evaluate possible risks and provide intelligence, planning and management in addition to acting as a liaison with local law enforcement. Additionally, KSGRMG works closely with other private security firms to coordinate around the clock security and command post operations before and during the events. Sports and entertainment events often also include the need for specialized on-site training programs incorporating the latest information and technological advances. KSGRMG experts can provide instruction for local law enforcement and personal security personnel in areas such as executive protection, counter-surveillance, crowd control, countermeasure techniques and crisis management.