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Kaplan & Sconzo Global Risk Management Group Inc. (“KSGRMG”) is a global risk management company specializing in independent investigation, executive protection, risk assessment and cyber security.

KSGRMG was founded by Stuart N. Kaplan, and Joseph G. Sconzo, both former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The management team of KSGRMG includes Nick Skokos, former Director of Executive Protection to Celine Dion and her Family.

We serve a diverse range of high profile individuals, organizations, and publicly traded companies in a cross section of industries and work to reduce our client’s risk in today’s increasingly dangerous and complicated world. The unique background and experience of our founding members allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective on risk/threat assessment and independent investigation. In today’s world where terrorism is a common occurrence that must be taken into account personally and organizationally, KSGRMG consultants offer the client much needed assurance to travel, work and live comfortably knowing that their family, business and property are protected from the unexpected.


Private Investigation

Discreet investigative services concentrating on criminal and other improper or unethical actions by individuals which are systemic throughout the company.

Executive Protection

Personal protection services including domestic and international travel

Threat Assessment

Comprehensive risk/threat assessment consultations for home and business

Estate Protection

Physical property risk assessment and security consultations and recommendations for home and office

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Aug 22, 2018

Hotel cook in California held on $500,000 bail after police say he threatened to kill employees, guests

Long Beach police say the suspect had multiple weapons, an assault rifle, tactical gear, dozens of high-capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammo.

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Aug 6, 2019

FBI director warns lone gunmen are one of our biggest threats

"Seemingly, they are by homegrown U.S. citizens and acting in a lone wolf capacity, so the alarms are sounding and our government is becoming more and more concerned because when you think about post 9/11, our focus was oversees, and we were so concerned about who was going to come into our country and attack us next, and it is seemingly ironic how the pendulum has turned and now we are more concerned about one of us turning against our own," said Stuart Kaplan, former FBI agent.

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July 24, 2019

FBI wants public, law enforcement to identify signs someone is planning act of extremist violence

"Law enforcement really thought that they could basically do it alone without necessarily the public's input. What we have seen evolve certainly past 9-11, this is a group effort," said Stuart Kaplan, former FBI Special Agent.

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